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Odds are the vast majority of organizations will suffer some sort of data loss regardless of their backup policies and procedures. DCS has partnered with DriveSavers to provide our clients with best in class data recovery services. DriveSavers realizes that the first attempt to recover data from a hard drive is the best opportunity for a successful disk recovery. DriveSavers, in business since 1985, has invested millions in state of the art clean rooms, tools and technology to perform data recovery services.

DriveSavers has a proven track record of recovering data from desktops, laptops as well as network servers and storage devices including your SAN.   DriveSavers also can recover data from mobile devices such as phones, tablets as well as removeable storage devices.

There are many data recovery plans available through DriveSavers. For more information about these programs contact your DCS representative or contact DriveSavers directly at 800-440-1904 or by clicking on the logo above. Mention DCS Computer Services and this code DS12479 to receive a 10% discount on your data recovery.

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