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Having a complete IT department is not a viable for solution for most small businesses and very few small companies can afford to employ even one permanent IT employee. With the emergence of managed services technology small businesses can now be assured their IT systems will run smoothly and be proactively maintained allowing them to compete in a high tech society.

DCS has a full complement of affordable IT management services and network maintenance plans for small and medium size businesses in the eastern Iowa and western Illinois area. Plans range from essential server and workstation monitoring all the way to a fully managed environment with a single monthly fee for our total care plan that covers all IT related support.

A managed services plan from DCS allows you to grow your business:

  • Focus on your core business instead of spending time on IT related issues
  • Become more productive with IT support that keeps your business up and running
  • Provides for predictable IT costs allowing for better business planning and budgeting
  • Protect your business as we shield you data and network from outside threats

With IT management services from DCS you can end the cycle of broken or outdated technology with proactive maintenance, system administration and help desk services for end user support!

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